Friday, March 26, 2010

Closing on April 3

After long deliberation and with tremendous grief, I am announcing today that Good Food Market will close its doors on April 3.

I know that I am disappointing a lot of people for not fighting but there comes a time when you realize that winning won't make the nastiness go away. I can't win swinging punches at shadows when my adversaries won't come forward publicly and I can't focus on what needs improvement as a start up when I have to spend my time with lawyers. I don't want my daughters exposed to this ugly side when there is so much to be thankful about living in Chestnut Hill.

I have made so many new friends, met so many people I deeply admire and am thankful that I got to create something I dreamed of doing for a long time.

If I can ask for support one more time, please stop by this coming week and buy what's left of our inventory so it doesn't go to waste. We are putting everything on sale Saturday, March 27 (at least 30% off).



  1. I’m very sorry to hear this, Jennifer. GFM is a great asset to Chesnut Hill, all rhetoric aside.

  2. No!!! We just moved in across the street and love your store! This makes me so angry. You were a big part of why we were so excited to move here. I want to punch those neighbors in the nose.

  3. Terribly sorry to hear this, Jennifer. The closing of Good Food Market is indeed a huge loss for the Chestnut Hill community, as well as for you and your lovely staff. Perhaps we can find solace in the hope that your battle has paved the way for other brave entrepreneurs who dare to venture into a start-up business in our neighborhood. Here's hoping there are still a few left out there! Best wishes.

  4. I'm so, so sorry Ms. Zoga. I wish the community had known how bad your problem with your neighbor was. Now that she has won a complete victory, I hope we hear from her in person. And karma can be something else, can't it? --Gotta wonder if the next tenant of that space will be something she can't fight off and will make her life miserable....and by extension the nice people on the street.

  5. As I read through your blog and comments and think about the past year, I too, would like to vent karma on your neighbors. I find it interesting that they were never able to actually make use of a store only steps from their house because they were too embroiled in preserving their precious "I don't know whats". The gap that you leave will be felt by all the rest of us, not just because of the handy ingredients when they've been needed, but the spirit you brought to the hill, your community involvement, environmental awareness and personal commitment to the neighborhood. When you lost, we all lost.

  6. Wow. Quita Horan leads a list of five names followed by 67 anonymous petitioners. This is not right.

  7. Okay, five people sign a letter to the Local saying they have a petition opposing Good Food Market signed by 72 people. And no one ever sees the petition? Ms. Horan must have a copy, since she signed the letter. I know the Local can't follow up on everything, but this seems dodgy journalistically.

  8. Jennifer,
    As a small business owner, this breaks my heart. To think of the time, energy and money put into a business venture...
    Life must be nice for these neighbors who have all the time in the world to complain. I believe in Karma. I wish nothing but barking dogs, loud trash trucks and tap dancing neighbors for these folks.